Tim Murphy

      e-learning Originator  

Specialist in the provision of e-learning Design and Development Services for Business and Education.
Over 20 years experience in IT, Training, education planning, delivery systems, and learning deployment.


Tim Murphy Portfolio


A selection of samples to showcase some of my e-learning design and development work. Includes e-learning created in Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, Photoshop, Premier, Videostudio and more. Content shown as Youtube recordings. Some are available as interactive pieces on my other site. To see others- get in touch. Thanks for watching.

Video Cartoon Animation

Cartoon Satire

Cartoon and Voiceover - Fun Learning

HD Video - Canon DSLR

Video Promotion

DSLR Promotional Video shoot and edit

HD Video - Olympus CCS
Image of Scuba Diving


Hi-Def White-Water shoot and edit

Retro Game Design
Image of Halloween PC Space Invaders game coded in actionscript

Game Code

AS Code Video Game (Flash SWF)

Creative Learning Design
Image of Learning to use a computer mouse elearning

e-Learning Animation

Stop Motion Animation (Flash SWF)

Creative Learning Design

e-Learning Softskills Example

SWF, HTML, Audio,Distance Learn)

Interactive Learning Design

Audio Video e-Learning

Actionscript Code(Flash SWF)

Interactive Applet Design

Audio Applet e-Learning

Actionscript Audio Voiceover(Flash SWF)


Tim Murphy Portfolio

Technical Writing

Learning manuals, presentations and other learning assistance.
Built with tools such as MS Office, Prezi, Photoshop.

PDF extract
portfolio sample thumbnail image

Software Manual

Publisher and Photoshop

Usable Cloud Shared Presentation

Training Workshop

Google Presentation

PDF of my Thesis.

Media and Styles

Learning research and application

PDF Manual
portfolio sample thumbnail image

Classroom Manual

Publisher, Photoshop, Inkscape


Tim Murphy Portfolio

Design and Layout

Posters, comics, training manuals, lecture notes, workshop materials. Creation tools used include: Publisher, Word, Photoshop, Powerpoint, Google Drive Presentation, Prezi

Usable Web Page, HTML Rollover Images
portfolio sample thumbnail image

Safety Poster

Publisher and Photoshop

PDF page

Comic Relief

Photoshop, Canon 5D II, DxO

Usable Web Pages - HTML thumbnails and large images.

Mood Board

Captivate, Photoshop, HTML

Photo images.

Photographs on Flickr

Portrait, Landscape, Underwater

Flash Design

WebDesign in Flash

Flash, HTML, Layout

WordPress Web Design

Wordpress Website Design

Photography, Icons, Background, Layout


Tim Murphy Portfolio

Skills List

Ability over an extensive range of software provides me with a variety of perspectives and stimulates creative approaches to deliver effective learning. Benefiting from the flexibility to choose from a variety of tools and methods enhances the ability to work individually, collaboratively and creatively within an organisation.

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I provide a custom e-learning service, including: consultancy, prototyping, script, design, development, voiceover, sound, photography, videography, m-learning, LMS, Serious Games, Gamification, assessment. Use my email address or my Linkedin account to get in touch.

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